Think Gmail's too Slow? Google's on It

At Google's panel today at SXSW in Austin, a Gmail team member named Jonathan Perlow asked the crowd to raise their hands if they think Gmail is too slow. We love Gmail, but certainly we can sympathize with the fair percentage of those audience members who raised their hands—the problem is pretty much limited to… » 3/15/10 12:40am 3/15/10 12:40am

The iPad's (Pre-) Opening Day Sales: 120,000

So, the iPad is finally available for pre-order, and it turns out the half of the Giz staff that bought one aren't alone: CNN estimates Apple received about 120,000 iPad pre-orders on that first day alone. » 3/14/10 12:15pm 3/14/10 12:15pm

Acer Will Not Release Tablet Competition for the iPad

Acer, in contrast to what we'd heard before, has just said that they'll not be making a tablet to compete with the iPad, instead focusing on ultra-thin laptops. Acer sees these ultra-thins, including many that will run Google Chrome. Acer was cock-sure enough to mention that an iPad-like tablet "would not pose any… » 2/01/10 7:53pm 2/01/10 7:53pm